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Give the Colombian Peace Community your support!

For the last 17 years the peace community of San José de Apartadó has chosen to resist displacement, embrace nonviolence and work together to create a better world for future generations.

Since its formation in 1997, over 200 farmers from the region have been murdered.

With many economic interests in its lands and the continued presence of illegal paramilitary and guerrilla groups, the Community remains in grave danger and relies on the presence of Peace Brigades International (PBI) to prevent further attacks on its members.

In 2012, the Constitutional Court ordered the Colombian State to take urgent steps to improve safety for the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, and provide access to justice for the crimes committed against them (Court Order 164 - July 2012).

However, the Colombian authorities have failed to abide by the order and attacks against the community have continued.

Until all of these steps are carried out, life will continue to be dangerous for everyone living in the Peace Community.

Our Message

Dear Colombian Ambassador,

For the 17 years of its existence, the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó has faced relentless threats, attacks, stigmatisation and killings. Until the Colombian State takes effective action, the community will continue to be vulnerable to attack. Please ask the Colombian Government and the Office of the Attorney General to fully comply with Constitutional Court Order 164 (July 2012) by:

- Drawing up plans for the formal recognition of humanitarian zones in order to address ongoing security risks faced by the Community

- Setting up a Judicial Commission to address impunity for past violations.


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